Transforming lives, one space at a time.

Order. Peace. Function.

At 14:40 Organizing, we believe these are three things achievable for every home or office space!

Allow our team, led by professional organizer, Renee Duquette, to look at any room, closet, office, personal files, home space-- any area in your life that needs an organizing-makeover! 

  • Business: Organizing files, setting up function efficiency 
  • Home: Kitchens, Closets, Pantries, Garages, Children's spaces, bathrooms
  • Relocating/Transitioning: Downsizing, moving, packing, pre-sale preparation

Clutter and disorganization often leads to frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed, lack of clarity and direction. Working with your unique needs, Renee can assess what plan or process you need for your home or office space to create the efficient, uncluttered, time managed life you desire.