"Renee is a God-send! In one afternoon, she tackled my Goliath--THREE giant closets full of clothes that were too big, too small, out of style and stuffed , crammed and jammed together. Renee took the time to touch each piece of clothing with me to either reorganize into colors or seasons or to donate several large garbage bags to charity. (Did I really need to keep those 1980's neon leggings?) To meet me, I look like a neat, put together gal! But sometimes, I just need some help to un-overwhelm myself with such massive projects. Renee's words have rang true in other rooms of my home and even my office--"Everything needs a home." If you don't have a place for something, it becomes clutter! The organization now saves me time each morning when I search for every girls lingering question, "What to Wear...". Most of all, Renee's help saves my brain space to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and I can focus on using my gifts each day."                  Hannah Horne 

"Renee worked with me to turn an unmanageable mess into something I could use. Now I have things where I need them, and extra space I thought I would never have. What a relief!"               Mark White